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Remember the "Ninth (2016) Plastic and Composite Pipe Industry Development Exchange Conference"

Sponsored by the Plastic Pipe Branch of Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association and undertaken by Shanghai Pinshen Business Consulting Co., Ltd., the "Ninth (2016) Plastic and Composite Pipe Industry Development Exchange Conference" was held in Tongxiang, Zhejiang from July 21st to 23rd, 2016 The Zhenshi Hotel was held and nearly 300 colleagues from the industry attended the meeting. This exchange meeting is the first time that the two are combined into one on the basis of two meetings a year for eight consecutive years, condensing the latest information and technical information of the industry.

Secretary-General Wang Zhanjie of the Plastic Pipe Special Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association was invited to give a keynote speech on "The Current Situation and Development Suggestions of the Plastic Pipe Industry". First, summarize the main achievements of the industry: further growth in output; steady increase in exports; further expansion of application areas; further optimization of the industry structure; continuous enhancement of technological innovation and technological progress; overall improvement of product quality; attention to the improvement of production efficiency and automation level; Great progress has been made in environmental protection and energy conservation.

Then point out the main deficiencies and problems that still exist in the industry: production capacity continues to exceed demand, and market competition is further intensified; individual enterprise product quality does not meet the standard requirements, affecting industry reputation; the overall market environment is still not standardized enough; plastic pipe standardization still needs Strengthen; product innovation still needs to be strengthened; engineering construction quality needs to be further improved; raw and auxiliary materials still affect the better development of the industry.

Finally, suggestions for industry development are put forward: deepen structural adjustment, promote industrial optimization and upgrading; strengthen industry self-discipline, improve quality assurance system, improve product quality, and guide the healthy development of the market; implement innovation-driven development strategies to improve the overall level and competitiveness of the industry; Improve the standard system and strengthen the implementation of the standard; focus on the coordinated development of the upstream industry to promote the improvement of the development quality of the industry; strengthen the service to the application market to facilitate users to choose and use plastic pipe products; strengthen the construction of information technology and gradually build the industry Display platform; strengthen international exchanges and increase the international influence of the industry.

Twenty-two experts, scholars, and participants gave speeches closely following the theme of the conference "Technical Innovation, Management Innovation, Marketing Innovation, Thinking Innovation", involving new technologies, new products, new materials, new processes, new equipment (testing Equipment), new standards; testing and testing of new pipe materials; building materials filing and green product identification certification, etc. The exchange meeting coincided with the scorching heat of summer and the temperature was as high as 40°C. However, the scorching heat of midsummer and the scorching sun failed to stop the enthusiasm of the delegates, and even stimulated the enthusiasm of the speech. Since the manuscripts requested to be exchanged exceeded expectations, the organizers of the conference had to add half a day of conference communication time. Ample time, rich content, praised by the delegates, everyone will meet next year's 10th anniversary exchange meeting, goodbye!